3 Bros' Apart

 Board games instead of the next episode of the TV show. Nightly conversations with friends with a glass of something instead of a salt caves, wellness and jacuzzi. An unpretentious atmosphere of a hostel instead of marble excess straight from the Egyptian resorts...

If that's how you prefer spending your time, then you will definitely enjoy your stay at 3 Bros' Apart. If, however, you expect an atmosphere straight from multi-star hotels, then you should probably try your luck somewhere else.
Why? For 3 Bros' Apart we decided to transport the hostel aura to a private, separate apartment. Therefore, it is a place where all fans of hostel atmosphere will feel at home, while also experiencing a bit more privacy than in a typical hostel. The apartment has two bedrooms (each equipped with double beds), a large living room with a kitchenette (including kitchen accessories and a fridge), and a bathroom with toilet, sink and bathtub.

The apartment's location is one of its biggest assets: from the windows you can see the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre. The apartment is close to the Market Square, the Castle Hill and the part of the city located in the Czech Republic.

 The apartment has been created with traveling couples, families and groups of friends in mind. In addition to two marriage beds, the apartment can be used by additional number of people (they can sleep on a sofa or mattresses).

 For accommodation, please visit 3 Bros' Hostel on Mennicza 14. From there, the receptionist will accompany the guests to the apartment (less than 3 minutes of walking) and will show you around.


1-2 person: 180 PLN

3 person: 240PLN

4 person: 280PLN

3 Bros' Apart